Columbia University Department of Physics

The Physics Department is located in Pupin Hall on Columbia University's Morningside Heights Campus in New York City. The department has about 35 faculty who teach and carry out research in the fields of: astrophysics, condensed matter physics, high energy nuclear physics, high energy particle physics, and atomic, molecular, and optical physics. We have about 20 undergraduate physics majors and 100 graduate students in the department per year. The department's research is carried out on-campus in the Pupin Laboratories, Schapiro Hall, at the nearby Nevis Laboratories, and at many off-campus laboratories and sites. The richness of educational opportunities offered at the department is based upon a long and distinguished tradition of teaching and research. Columbia graduates, along with many scientists who spent their formative years here, have gone on to make extraordinary contributions to science as researchers, teachers, and intellectual leaders.

Date announcement was posted: 08-16-2017
Research on ultracold molecules of Professor Sebastian Will and his collaborators of the Zwierlein group at MIT has...
Date announcement was posted: 08-11-2017
Professor Tomo Uemura received the Fibonacci Prize at the International Conference Superstripes 2017 held in Ischia...
Date announcement was posted: 08-08-2017
Professor Bradley Johnson received a Research Initiatives in Science and Engineering (RISE) Award for his work along...
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