Instructions for Reimbursement

We would like to thank you for visiting Columbia University. In order to be reimbursed for all expenses, please follow our guidelines as a reference in order to expedite your request. Please make sure to submit all original receipts along with the necessary forms within 5 days after your visit.

All guests should fill out the following forms which are available on our website in PDF format:

- Non-Employee Expense Form

- Guest Speaker reimbursement form

- W-9 form

Please note that there are three different versions of the Guest Speaker reimbursement form. It is of significant importance to send the appropriate forms to the corresponding individuals. For your convenience, contact information as well as the return address is printed on the top of each form.

Visitors traveling from an International destination must complete Form 8233 in addition to the forms listed above.

Please click on the links below to access our reimbursement and travel expense forms in PDF format.

Form 8233

W-8 Form

W-9 Form

Travel and Expense Form

T&E Missing Receipts Form

Non- Employee Expense Form

Colloquia Guest Speaker Reimbursement Form

Particle Seminar Guest Speaker Reimbursement Form

Theoretical Physics Guest Speaker Reimbursement Form