Research Opportunities

Columbia advanced undergraduates may participate in faculty research during the academic year and over the summer. There is also a special program in high-energy physics at Nevis Labs (Research Experience for undergraduates). In recent years, undergraduates have been involved in such diverse projects as: building an x-ray detector for a joint Russian-U.S. space observatory, searching for evidence of the quark-gluon plasma transition in nuclear matter, probing the behavior of atoms and molecules on femtosecond timescales using powerful lasers, constructing detector elements for some of the world's forefront high-energy particle experiments, carrying our theoretical studies of phase transitions in statistical systems, and analyzing data from a project to map the Milky Way using the world's largest radio telescopes.

Interested Columbia undergraduates should contact faculty members directly to explore research opportunities.

The Summer REU program will provide opportunities for up to ten undergraduate students to spend a 10-week period working with one of the Nevis experimental high-energy physics groups (HEP). This time would be spent either at Nevis Labs or, in some cases, at one of the large international accelerator laboratories where the experiments are performed (including Fermilab near Chicago, DESY in Hamburg, Germany, and CERN in Geneva, Switzerland). This program is open to all qualified undergraduates including those from other universities.