Teaching Information


First- and second-year students usually receive their support through Faculty Fellowships that are half teaching assistantship and half fellowship. The specific teaching responsibilities vary from student to student but generally include:

  • 3 hours/week - teaching a 3-hour lab section
  • 3 hours/week - grading lab reports
  • 1 hour/week - preparation for laboratory
  • 1 hour/week - staffing the Physics Help Room
  • 14 hours/semester - grading lecture course examination

Faculty Fellows meet regularly to discuss their lab teaching assignments. The details of their responsibilities are outlined in the Teaching Fellows Manual (this is a pdf file). The assignment of graders and Physics Help Room staffing is done by the Preceptors.


The Preceptors are responsible for overseeing the various teaching responsibilities of the Teaching Fellows. These include making grader, proctor, and Physics Help Room assignments.

The Preceptors for the academic year 2019 - 2020 are:

The Preceptor website can be found here.


Most graduate students will teach a lab section during their graduate career. While it is not required, we strongly urge all graduate students to gain this teaching experience. For a list of the labs and lab sections check the button on the left. Lab section Teaching Fellows will meet regularly to discuss the labs.


Graduate students are expected to staff the Physics Help Room where undergraduates can come for help with their homework sets.


Exam graders will be assigned to specific courses for the semester. They should be aware of the dates for the exams for their courses and they should meet with the faculty member who is teaching the course to receive instructions about grading. Generally, exams are graded and returned to the students one week after the exam date.

Proctors have the following responsibilities:

  • handing out exams and exam books
  • monitoring the exam
  • answering student questions that arise during the exam
  • counting the number of students in the exam
  • marking the exam cover sheets provided by the undergraduate secretary
  • collecting the exams
  • delivering all exams with a booklet count to the undergraduate secretary