Particle Physics Videos

"The Odyssey of Proteus"
Fermilab #494, 1997.  12:00.  A somewhat juvenile summary of linear and synchrotron accelerator pipelines, storage rings, and packet collisions.

Fermilab #450.  5:34.  A brief description of atomic and nuclear structure, statement of the 12 fundamental particles, and discussion of wave-particle duality.

"The Ghost Particle"
NOVA & WGBH Boston Video WG40779. 56:00. The history of neutrino physics, with emphasis on Ray Davis's observations of solar neutrino oscillations before they were explained. Interviews with John Bahcall, Ray Davis, and others, as well as footage from Davis's experiments and from Super-K, strung together with typical NOVA narration.

Astrophysics Videos

"Supernova: The Birth & Death of a Star"
NASA Astrophysics Div., presumably 1987.  7:05.  A very fast-paced but comprehensive overview of star formation and supernovae. Uses convincing animation to convey most ideas.

NASA Astrophysics Div., presumably 1987.  10:00.  A somewhat slower-paced summary of supernovae, with a very quick overview of starbirth.  Focus on the observation of 1987A.

The Mechanical Universe... and Beyond

The Mechanical Universe... and Beyond (Series)
This series of 52 thirty-minute programs explores a vast range of topics. Using demonstrations, animations, interviews, and lectures, it often creates very convincing evidence for physical theory. It is suitable for introductory physics classes. For a list of topics, visit the page.