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Directions to Columbia's Morningside Campus

The Columbia University Physics Department is located in New York City on the corner of Broadway and West 120th Street. How you get to the department depends on where you are arriving from. Choose the appropriate button on the left to find directions and advice on how to get here.

If you are taking the subway, you may want a map of the subway system to the Columbia Campus.

Once you find Columbia, you will need to navigate around campus. The building housing the Physics Department is named Pupin Hall. It is located in the northwest corner of the campus (in section D of the campus map). Although Pupin Hall is situated on the corner of Broadway and West 120th Street, it is usually not possible to enter the building from there (it has key/card access only). So be sure to approach the building from the south side (the campus side). That will bring you to the main (5th floor) entrance (yes, the 5th floor). The Physics Department office is on the 7th floor. Once you are there, they should be able to direct you to where you need to go. If you get lost, call the office at 212-854-3366 or if you are calling from a campus phone just dial 4-3366.

Nevis Labs

Nevis labs is home to the experimental facilities for the High Energy Physics, Nuclear and Astrophysics groups. It is located about 20 miles north of campus. The entrance is at the junction of West Ardsley Avenue and Broadway.

Driving:  The drive time from the Physics Department (120th Street and Broadway) to the Nevis Labs is about 30 minutes. The address for Nevis is 136 South Broadway in Irvington, NY 10533. The telephone number is: 914-591-8100.

Please click the following link to MapQuest to obtain specific driving directions to Nevis Labs. These directions are based on driving from the Columbia campus to Nevis Labs.

Student Van:  Please click here for a complete student van schedule.

Subway & Train:  The train schedule for the Metro-North Hudson line is available on-line. Select trains leaving from either Grand Central or Marble Hill, and arriving at Ardsley-on-Hudson.

From Columbia University:

Take the 1 train north to 225th street. As you walk down the stairs from the elevated platform, note the location of the Metro-North Marble Hill train station about one block to the west. The northbound train stops there hourly about 40 minutes after the hour during non-rush hours. Take the train north to the Ardsley-on-Hudson station and follow the directions below.

From elsewhere in Manhattan:

Go to Grand Central Station (here's a subway map). Take the Metro-North Hudson Line train northbound. During non-rush hours, this train leaves Grand Central hourly at 20 minutes after the hour. Get off at the Ardsley-on-Hudson station and follow the directions below.

Once you're at Ardsley-on-Hudson:

Take the left-hand road uphill. The first paved driveway on your left (about 200 yards from the station) leads to the Nevis grounds. Keep going uphill. The first building on the right you'll see is the old Cyclotron Building, now used by Astrophysics and RARAF. The next building you'll see on the right as you follow the winding road uphill is the Electronics Shop. The last building on the left is the Particle Physics Research Building; the machine shop is on the lower floor and the offices are on the upper floor. If you go to the top of hill, the carriage house (shipping, receiving, and supplies) is on the right as you face the parking lot.