The Columbia Physics faculty carry out research in the fields of Astrophysics, Condensed Matter & Laser Physics, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, and Theoretical Physics. The following list is of the broad faculty research interests. For more information about the on-going research at Columbia, you should follow the links at left. The faculty and the members of these research groups are always eager to discuss their research. You can also look at the Centers and Labs page to learn more about the research going on here.

ASTROPHYSICS: Elena Aprile, Andrei Beloborodov, Charles Hailey, Lam Hui, Bradley Johnson, Janna Levin (BC), Szabolcs Marka, Amber Miller, Reshmi Mukherjee (BC), Malvin Ruderman, Brian Humensky, Brian Metzger

ATOMIC, MOLECULAR, & OPTICAL PHYSICS: Tony Heinz (EE & Phys), Emlyn Hughes, Tanya Zelevinsky

CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS: Igor Aleiner, Boris Altshuler, Cory Dean, Tony Heinz (EE & Phys), Andrew Millis, Abhay Pasupathy, Aron Pinczuk (APAM & Phys), Horst Stormer (APAM & Phys), Yasutomo Uemura

NUCLEAR PHYSICS: Brian Cole, Miklos Gyulassy, William Zajc

PARTICLE PHYSICS: Gustaaf Brooijmans, Emlyn Hughes, John Parsons, Michael Shaevitz, Michael Tuts, Brian Humensky

THEORETICAL PHYSICS: Igor Aleiner, Boris Altshuler, Andrei Beloborodov, Allan Blaer, Norman Chirst, Frederik Denef, Brian Greene (Mathematics &Phys), Miklos Gyulassy, Timothy Halpin-Healy (BC), Lam Hui, T.D. Lee, Jana Levin (BC), Robert Mawhinney, Andrew Millis, Alfred Mueller, Alberto Nicolis, Rachel Rosen, Malvin Ruderman, Erick Weinberg