Georgia Karagiorgi Awarded NSF Collaborative Grant

Professor Georgia Karagiorgi has been awarded an NSF collaborative grant for the research titled "WoU-MMA: Development of an Advanced Data Selection System for the DUNE Far Detector".

Through this award, which includes support from the NSF Windows on the Universe Program, the Columbia group will initiate the development of trigger and data acquisition strategies that can provide a guide for DUNE detection of low energy electron neutrino interactions in liquid argon. This includes the use of machine learning techniques for triggering, an approach which has recently been demonstrated to be a disruptive technology for event selection and reconstruction in liquid argon. 

The broader impact of this triggering approach is significant. It has the potential to allow the DUNE experiment to make direct and significant contributions to the international scientific effort in Multi-Messenger Astrophysics and time-domain astrophysics, through access to solar and supernova neutrinos and as well as to searches for proton decay.

More details on the award can be found here.

August 05, 2019