Dmitri Basov and Andrew Millis Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Dmitri Basov joined Columbia in 2016 as the Higgins Professor of Physics. Currently, he serves as the Director of Energy Frontier Research Center in Programmable Quantum Materials and as the co-Director jointly with Andrew Millis of the New York City - Max Planck Society Center in Non-equilibrium Quantum Phenomena. At Columbia, Dmitri Basov has established a laboratory focused on nano-optical studies of quantum materials

Andrew Millis joined the Columbia Physics Department  in 2001 after appointments at Bell Laboratories and served as Chair from 2006-2009. He also co-Directors the Center for Computational Quantum Physics at the Flatiron Institute and, jointly with Dmitri Basov, and Andrea Cavalleri directs the New York City - Max Planck Society Center for Non-equilibrium Quantum Phenomena. His research covers broad areas of theoretical condensed matter physics, with a particular focus on the novel properties of quantum materials.

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April 27, 2020