Josh Ruderman, NYU

Mon, 10/29/2018 - 2:10pm
Pupin Hall Theory Center, 8th Floor


"21cm from Dark Radiation"

About the speaker

Joshua Ruderman received his B.S. from Stanford in 2006 and his Ph.D. from Princeton in 2011. He was a Miller Fellow at UC Berkeley from 2011-2014, and he joined the faculty of the CCPP at NYU in 2014. He is broadly interested in particle theory, with a focus on physics beyond the Standard Model. His work often resides at the interface of theory and experiment, where he studies the implications of ongoing and future experiments for theories of particles. He is interested in using high energy colliders, direct detection experiments, and astrophysical measurements to learn about the origins of the Higgs and dark matter.

More details can be found here.