Ira Rothstein, Carnegie Mellon University

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 2:10pm
Pupin Hall Theory Center, 8th Floor


"The structure of the gravitational S matrix and precision gravity wave astronomy"

Effective field theory has proven to be a power tool in generating precise predictions for gravitational inspirals. In this talk I will discuss how our improved understanding of the gravitational S matrix can stream line calculations of both conservative and non-conservative dynamics.

About the speaker

Ira Rothstein's research includes diverse topics in elementary particle physics, gravity wave physics, astrophysics/cosmology and QCD. In the realm of high energy physics, Ira's interest involves using the data from the LHC to explain the origin of mass and the nature of the dark matter. He has worked on various topics in this field ranging from theories of extra dimensions to calculating Higgs boson production rates. Recently, Ira spent time working on using ideas developed in quantum field theory to calculate classical gravity wave profiles for inspiralling black holes. Using these techniques, Ira and his group have been able to calculate the effects of black hole spin on the predicted wave forms which are being measured at the LIGO experiment. Ira has also been working on effective field theory techniques to find systematic ways of calculating strong interaction observables at high energies.

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