General information

Whether you are thinking of applying to graduate school in Physics at Columbia or are currently a graduate student in the department, this page is meant to compile links that will be useful to you. There are about 100 graduate students in the Physics Department carrying out research in a large number of areas with faculty advisers both inside and outside the department. Our graduates go on to jobs in many areas of physics and outside the field of physics.

If you are a Columbia Physics Graduate Student

Many of the links are designed to bring together in one place the information you will typically need. This is an evolving site, so please let us know if there is other information that you would like to see linked on this site. We have tried to include the basic information about requirements, committees of interest to you, teaching duties, and seminars. If you don't know where to start but you feel there must be someone that can help you, try starting with the "Grad Help" link.

If you are thinking about applying to the Columbia Physics Graduate School

You should start by clicking on the GSAS "graduate bulletin" and our "apply" link. It will answer some of the basic questions about the program and how you go about applying to Physics graduate school (including our requirements). Generally our applications are reviewed in January and February.  Most admission letters are sent starting at the end of January continuing until March 15. For those accepted students that are in the US at the time, we will invite them (travel and accommodations paid) to an Open House shortly after acceptance. For all those that have been admitted, your acceptance of our offer of admission is expected by April 15. Since we usually have more qualified candidates than positions, we generally have an informal wait list which is acted upon in the middle of April. Some of the questions you may have are addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Once you have understood the basics, feel free to explore the other links on this page that will detail your teaching responsibilities, courses and seminars, as well as the ongoing research in the department. If you need more information, please contact the Physics office and they can put you in contact with appropriate faculty members or students (there is a group of students who have agreed to answer your questions - they can give you a student's view of what is going on in the department, we encourage you to talk to them).

Graduate Admissions Chair

Erick Weinberg