CCQ Graduate Fellowship in Computational Quantum Physics

CCQ Graduate Fellowship  in Computational Quantum Physics

The Center for Computational Quantum Physics (CCQ) of the Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation, has established CCQ Graduate Fellowships to support outstanding graduate students at Columbia who plan to perform research in collaboration with CCQ staff.  The Fellowships are offered to selected students as part of the admissions package, and would provide full salary support, tuition and fringe benefits at the level normally charged to federal research grants, and $4000/year to be used by the student for research expenses (e.g. travel to professional meetings).  Recipients of the awards are expected to perform research relevant to CCQ’s mission (typically in collaboration with CCQ staff) and would be required to maintain good academic standing and appropriate visa status.  Students would be co-supervised by a university faculty member and a member of CCQ staff and progress to the Ph.D. would be assessed according to usual university practices.  An annual report is required. If these conditions are met, the award would be continued up to a maximum of six years from date of entry to the Ph.D. program.  It is expected that one  average one fellowship will be awarded every two years.