Physics Graduate Council

The Physics Graduate Council is a group of roughly 6-8 graduate students who work with the physics department faculty to make changes within the department and organize various events.

Email address:

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Current members of the PGC

President - Roman Berens 

As president, I organize PGC meetings and oversee all of the PGC's various activities. Let me know if you have any suggestions for projects the PGC could tackle.

Social Chairs - Elena Busch and Ben Gilbert 

The social chairs are responsible for planning and hosting events to bring the graduate community together. We host a range of events, from large social gatherings to small outings. This year, we are hosting many of these events for the first time, so we welcome any feedback or suggestions. Come talk to us about yours ideas for fun events or other ways to foster a strong department culture!

Climate and Diversity Liaison - Bárbara Cruvinel Santiago 

Don’t hesitate to come talk to me off the record if you have suggestions on how we can make our departmentment safe and welcoming to you and other grad students to make sure everyone can thrive. No concern is too big or too small.

Graduate Student Liaisons - Luke Krauth and Guanhao Sun 

Our role is to help you acclimate to the department and answer any questions you might have about graduate student life. We will help in any way we can immediately, or if the matter is outside the scope of our qualifications, get you pointed in the right direction. (Including but not limited to: Departmental concerns, Disability Resources, Counseling, and Financial matters).

International Student Liaison - Apoorv Jindal

I am here to make international students’ transition to Columbia Physics, Columbia, NYC, and the USA, seamless as possible. Please approach me in case of queries, concerns, or any required assistance.