Staff Contact Info

Department Info

Chair:  Professor Robert Mawhinney

Director of Undergraduate Studies:  Professor Jeremy Dodd

Director of Graduate Studies:  Professor Alberto Nicolis

Academic Team:

Director of Academic Administration:  Randy Torres

Administrative Assistant for Undergraduate Studies:  Giuseppina (Joey) Cambareri

Administrative Coordinator:  Michael Adan


Financial Team:

Director of Budget Operations:  Ran Zhao

Financial Assistant:  John T Carr, III

Business Manager:  Jennifer ChiuBusiness Officer:  Sonnia Andrade


Manager of Building Operations:  Robert McGinnis

For building matters please fill out the request form below and submit to Robert McGinnis. If you have an emergency and require immediate attention and consider it to be imperative that you report it, please call: Facilities Services Center at (212) 854-2222. Once you receive the confirmation via e-mail, please forward it to Robert at

Building Request Form

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