Colloquium: Matt Reagor, Rigetti Quantum Computing

Mon, 04/23/2018 - 4:15pm
428 Pupin Hall

"Parametric Entangling Gates in a Superconducting Quantum Processor And Applications”

Matt Reagor

Rigetti Quantum Computing

A central challenge in building a scalable quantum computer is the execution of high-fidelity entangling gates within an architecture containing many resonant elements. As elements are added, or as the multiplicity of couplings between elements is increased, the frequency space of the design becomes crowded and device performance suffers. By applying flux modulation to tunable transmons, one can drive the resonant exchange of photons directly between energy levels of a statically coupled multi-transmon system. This obviates the need for mediating qubits or resonator modes and allows the full utilization of all qubits in a scalable architecture. The resonance condition is selective in both the frequency and amplitude of modulation and thus alleviates frequency crowding. We discuss using these techniques to scale superconducting qubit processors to lattices containing 19 qubits and the results of initial hybrid quantum algorithms run on such processors.

About the speaker

Matt Reagor is an experimental physicist at Rigetti Quantum Computing. His team is advancing the capability of superconducting quantum processors in close collaboration with a diverse set of engineers. Prior to Rigetti, Matt earned a PhD in the Schoelkopf Lab at Yale on a millisecond quantum memory for superconducting qubits.