CM Seminar: Tony Low, Univ. of Minnesota

Thu, 05/17/2018 - 4:00pm
705 Pupin Hall

*Special day & time:  Thursday, May 17, 2018, 4:00 PM*

"Manipulating plasmon flow in 2D materials"

Tony Low

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota

Polaritonic resonances in the family of 2D materials [1] can offer new and exciting opportunities in the control of light flow, both in the near- and far-field regime. In this talk, I will focus primarily on the control of light flow in the near-field, i.e. plasmon-polariton. I will discuss various strategies where the intensity and polarization of light, and the materials’ unique properties, can be exploited to control the propagation of plasmons. I will touch upon concepts such as topological effects in materials, dipole-plasmon coupling, temporal modulation, parametric and resonant amplification.


[1] Low T, Chaves A, Caldwell JD, Kumar A, Fang NX, Avouris P, Heinz TF, Guinea F, Martin-Moreno L, Koppens F. Polaritons in layered two-dimensional materials. Nature materials. 2017 Feb;16(2):182.

About the speaker

Tony Low leads Theory & Computational group at the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Prior to this, Low worked as an in-house theorist at various experimental groups at Columbia University, Yale University, and IBM Thomas J. Watson Research. While at IBM, from 2011-2014, Low served as an industry liaison to various Universities under the Semiconductor Research Consortium & National Science Foundation, with the goal of finding the next electronics switch. He obtained his doctoral degree from the National University of Singapore in 2008, and then a postdoctoral associate at Purdue University. Low received the IBM Pat Goldberg Memorial Best Paper Award (2014), IBM Invention Award (2013), KITP Rice Family Fund Fellowship (2012), Singapore Millennium Fellowship (2007), and the IEEE Electron Device Society Fellowship (2005).