Ania Jayich - UCSB

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 12:30pm
Pupin Hall Theory Center, 8th Floor


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About the speaker

Ania Bleszynski Jayich received her Ph.D. in Physics from Harvard in 2006 and her B.S. in Physics and Mathematical and Computational Science from Stanford in 2000. Under the supervision of Prof. Bob Westervelt, her thesis focused on scanned probe imaging of electron flow in semiconductor nanostructures. As a postdoc in Prof. Jack Harris's group at Yale, she worked on magnetization measurements of condensed matter systems using ultrasensitive micromechanical detectors. Before joining UCSB as an assistant professor in 2010, she worked on coupling nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond to nanomechanical resonators, in a project co-supervised by Profs. Misha Lukin at Harvard and Jack Harris.

The Jayich Lab at UCSB studies quantum effects on the nanoscale. They focus on nanoscale imaging of spin and charge in condensed matter systems, with an eye on applications in quantum and classical computing and biology. The lab is also interested in hybrid quantum systems consisting of spin, phonons and photons.

More details on Ania's research can be found here.