Theory seminar: Mariana Carrillo-Gonzalez, UPenn

Mon, 04/30/2018 - 2:10pm
Pupin Hall Theory Center, 8th Floor

"The classical double copy in maximally symmetric spacetimes"

Mariana Carrillo-Gonzalez

University of Pennsylvania

In this talk, I will briefly explain the scattering amplitudes double copy. The double copy is a relation between Yang-Mills and gravitational theories but recently it has been shown that it applies more broadly to other theories. By exploring the question on how general this double copy relationship is, classical double copy realizations have been recently explored in flat space. One of this examples constructs exact solutions by using a Kerr-Schild metric. I will focus on the generalization to maximally symmetric curved spacetimes in the context of this Kerr-Schild double copy and show how the Yang-Mills and bi-adjoint scalar equations of motion are encoded in Einstein's equations.