LSST Detection of Optical Counterparts of Gravitational Waves

Recently, Columbia University Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics hosted the pioneering workshop on LSST Detection of Optical Counterparts of Gravitational Waves (PDF).

The workshop analyzed the needs, opportunities, and promises of LSST observing the electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational-wave observations by Advanced LIGO, Virgo and KAGRA. The international workshop attracted participants from three continents representing several projects of over $2B cumulative investment that define the future of multimessenger astrophysics. The diverse team also discussed what needs to be done in getting ready for these observations before LSST comes online. The workshop is supported by the C.S. Wu Foundation and a grant from LSSTC Enabling Science program.

The workshop was brought to success by a diverse interdisciplinary Team of organizers:

  • Imre Bartos
  • Morgan May
  • Zsuzsa Márka
  • Maria Charisi
  • Andrea Derdzinski
  • Ben Tal Margalit
  • Rainer Corley
  • Stefan Countryman
  • Brian Metzger
  • Szabolcs Márka