CMP/AMO Seminar: Dominik Schneble, Stony Brook

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 12:00pm
705 Pupin Hall
Dominik Schneble
Stony Brook University

Title & abstract TBA

About the speaker

In the Schneble laboratory, they load atoms from BECs into optical lattices, i.e. potentials realized by standing waves of laser light, in order to create and explore ultracold engineered quantum systems. With the help of such optical lattices, it thus becomes possible to address cutting-edge topics ranging from condensed matter physics to quantum information science, through direct quantum simulation. For example, the behavior of atoms in an optical lattice closely mimics that of electrons in a solid, but at a length scale that is three orders of magnitude larger and with exquisite control over all relevant parameters in a naturally defect-free system. Moreover, atoms in optical lattices can act as localized qubits (spins) with controllable interactions, making lattice-based atomic quantum systems a versatile platform for studying the fundamental science driving the development of modern quantum technologies.

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